Harmonex Neuroscience

Harmonex Neuroscience is a clinical research organization specializing in psychiatric and neurological clinical studies in adult and pediatric populations. We have years of experience in conducting clinical trials in many indications including, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, and others. Harmonex also offers research opportunities to our affiliate doctors. Harmonex specializes in bringing cutting edge treatment options and clinical studies to our affiliate doctors no matter what specialty they work in. We provide the staff and training necessary for our affiliate doctors to expand their clinical practices to include research at no cost to them.

At Harmonex we offer our patients who have tried all current available treatments for their condition with no success the opportunity to try new advanced treatments through clinical studies. These treatments and the doctor's visits for these treatments are typically free for our study patients. Harmonex study patients receive the highest level of care available and are monitored and evaluated at greater levels than most patients. Study patients typically receive full health screenings, extensive lab work, and cardiovascular assessments, medications, and doctor's visits all at no cost to the patient.

Our research coordinators are fully trained in conducting and administering clinical trials. They have undergone extensive training in good clinical practice and thorough training in Harmonex Research standard operating procedures. We pride ourselves in being leaders in advanced pediatric and adult psychiatric clinical research.


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