What is CliniCom™?

CliniCom™ is an intuitive, computer assisted intake and assessment tool designed for use in mental health settings. CliniCom™ generates powerful clinical reports by gathering information directly from patients, parents, and/or guardians prior to an initial evaluation. CliniCom™ makes better use of clinical time and significantly improves overall differential diagnosis. CliniCom™ is an extremely cost effective interactive tool that provides doctors with an unprecedented level of information regarding their patients' condition.

CliniCom™ increases the probability of an accurate diagnosis by:

  • Increasing the time a patient/guardian spends providing valuable and intelligently organized information during the first visit
  • Allowing the doctor to review all the necessary information without having forgotten to ask certain questions
  • Helping the doctor to promptly verify and discuss information of specific interest from the CliniCom™ report with the patient/ guardian or referral source
  • Limiting under or over diagnosing

CliniCom™ helps the doctor and patient because it:

  • Allows the patient to spend as much time as needed to provide information
  • Does not forget to ask pertinent questions every time
  • Evaluates psychosocial stressors
  • Identifies risks and traumatic events
  • Evaluates patient’s functioning level
  • Helps identify diagnoses for the doctor’s review
  • Quantifies severity of symptoms and conditions
  • Organizes clinical information before the interview
  • Allows the doctor to spend quality time interviewing the patient
  • Allows doctors to accept, reject, rule out or add diagnoses
  • Helps to educate patient/guardian
  • Facilitates creation of a comprehensive treatment plan

Who Can Benefit From CliniCom™?

  • Psychiatrists and psychologists. Any mental health practice, regardless of size, could benefit by using CliniCom™.
  • Psychiatric hospitals. According to the American Hospital Directory, there are about 1240 inpatient psychiatric hospitals in the U.S.
  • Colleges and universities, neuroscience research centers, the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration clinics and prisons.

In Depth

CliniCom™ is a Network on which communication takes place between physicians, mental health professionals, and patients. CliniCom™ allows clinicians to responsibly expedite the intake and assessment process in a secure and streamlined fashion.

CliniCom™ uses information that is digitally gathered from patients as well as the physicians own expert knowledge and culminates this information into a powerful report. CliniCom™'s user friendliness allows patients to comfortably sit at a CliniCom™ station and provide you, the Clinician, with all of the important intake and assessment information you will need. Prior to an appointment or at the time of your choosing, patients are able to use CliniCom™ on their own with little or no assistance.

CliniCom™ allows for a more modern, collegial environment that fosters advances in research, learning, and undoubtedly elevates the quality of patient care. This remarkable tool delivers the consistent and specific information doctors need, along with the interactive and efficient experience that patient’s desire.

Think of CliniCom™ as a way in which you can assure that every important assessment question is asked every single time. Features in CliniCom™ allow doctors to simplify the development of a treatment plan and greatly improve their differential diagnosis. A powerful feature within the application allows the doctors to accept, rule out, or reject diagnosis suggested by CliniCom™ or add their own diagnosis which will be also reflected in the final report.

Even though CliniCom™ Reports suggest possible diagnosis, they are never intended to replace a doctor’s professional opinion. CliniCom™ reports should never be used strictly as a diagnostic instrument but more as a reference point used in establishing a diagnosis after conducting a formal interview.

CliniCom™ was originally developed by Nelson M. Handal, M.D., a board certified Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist at Harmonex together with leading global software experts. Our team developed this remarkable technology with two primary goals in mind:

  1. Connect doctors who treat mental illness with their patients and colleagues in order to improve treatment outcomes.
  2. Provide Network doctors with software tools that expedite the overall intake and assessment process.

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