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Company Summary

Harmonex is a bio-technology and clinical research organization committed to bringing doctors tools and resources that help address some of the very important issues faced in assessing and treating patients for mental illness. Harmonex understands the importance of giving patients access to the highest quality of care possible. Balancing this with how clinical time is used is also very important.

Our team of physicians, technologists, researchers, and global software experts has developed powerful intake and assessment software for use in the mental health settings. Harmonex founders realized that by bringing together specialized physicians and leading software experts much could be done to address some of the very critical and pervasive issues faced in mental health. Most of the problems in mental health stem from a lack of information across the board.

Harmonex founders knew that it was imperative to create a platform that could give doctors the tools they need to be efficient with little to no out of pocket costs, and at the same time give patients a tool that would make their overall experience much more effective in terms of reaching appropriate diagnostic findings.

The Harmonex Neuroscience Research Division (NSR) is a clinical research organization within the Harmonex corporate structure specializing in psychiatric and neurological clinical studies in both adult and pediatric populations. Harmonex NSR has experience conducting clinical trials in many indications including; ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, and others. Harmonex NSR is proud to be able to offer patients who have tried all current available treatments for their condition the opportunity to try new and advanced treatments through clinical studies. These treatments and the doctor's visits for these treatments are typically free for study patients. Harmonex study patients receive the highest level of care available and are monitored and evaluated at greater levels than most patients. Study patients typically receive full health screenings, extensive lab work, and cardiovascular assessments, medications, and doctors visits all at no cost.

Harmonex NSR is able to use a central IRB which allows for an efficient clinical research approval process. Our research coordinators are fully trained in conducting and administering clinical trials. They have undergone extensive training in good clinical practice and thorough training in Harmonex Research standard operating procedures.


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